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Title: (L)IPMP source code, v1-2020 (PhD-Thesis)
Authors: Schneider, Naomi
Keywords: Software LIPMPs;Dictionary learning;Inverse problems;Gravitational potential;Matching pursuits;Numerical modelling;Satellite geodesy;Data set for the downward continuation
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Naomi Schneider, University of Siegen
Citation: Naomi Schneider (2022), (L)IPMP source code, v1-2020 (PhD-Thesis) in collection (Learning) Inverse Problem Matching Pursuits, software publication at FoDaSi.
Abstract: This is the first publication of a source code of the (Learning) Inverse Problem Matching Pursuits ((L)IPMPs) by NS. The software was developed during the PhD-Thesis of NS. The main code is written in C/C++ using the GSL and the NLopt library. The visualization codes are written in Matlab. We advise to start with reading the README file which states related publications for further information, explains the general structure of the source code and how to use it.
Description: Source code of the (L)IPMPs. First published version. Finalized 2020.
Appears in Collections:(Learning) Inverse Problem Matching Pursuits

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